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As a Turkish woman, I reside in the United States under ‘Non-Resident Alien’ status. I investigate adversities one might face due to coming from a marginalized background and residing in a foreign country, in this case, the United States. 

"In Case of Alien" solo exhibition brings a humorous approach to the daily challenges, I, as a foreigner, might face while trying to reach a state of stability and tranquility in my life. Based on the severity of the given ‘emergency situation’, the solutions that are provided in the show become more and more absurd as there are no such ‘quick fixes’ for these predicaments in life. 

During the run of the exhibition, the artist will be breaking some of the emergency boxes as she needs to ‘put out’ the fires that are taking place in her life during the extent of the show.  The exhibition thus combines sculpture, installation, audio and performance.


Music commissioned from Ian J. Miller and Stencil work done by Se Hee Kim.

In Case of Alien Sound by Ian J. Miller
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